Portrait of a black Great Dane

Great Danes, custom portraits and fine art prints by Ginnie Saunders

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Other Photography
My photographic work is not limited to Great Danes. I maintain a large body of work available as limited edition fine art prints on my Florigraphy website. Each image is numbered and signed by the artist (that would be me). Edition numbers are limited to 35 impressions. Every print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Please have a look: www.florigraphy.com

Website Design
These days I am increasingly absorbed in the creation of photography-based imagery, although I continue to design websites for select clients, as time allows. For a quick review of of my website portfolio and design services, please visit www.ginnie.com

Great Dane Imagery & Articles
I have authored a huge volume of material (imagery and articles) involving Great Danes, more than I can begin to describe. Here are some links you might explore:

DaDane of DaWeek – I began this site 10 years ago and I've been adding new images/stories/articles on a weekly basis. Be sure to visit the archives for full access to hundreds of previous installments.

DogWare.com – Most of your favorite DaDane images are for sale here, imprinted on shirts and sweatshirts. I do all the design and printing myself.

Great Dane Checklist – If you own a Dane (or the Dane owns you) you MUST checkout this hilarious checklist. I have been working on it for years, and it just keeps growing. Much of the content has been inspired by input from experienced Dane owners in the audience.

1040-DOG – Has your dog filled out his Federal tax forms yet? Better hurry!


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