Portrait of a black Great Dane


Great Danes, custom portraits and fine art prints by Ginnie Saunders
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The Art of the Portrait

As a photo-based portrait artist, I use my camera as a “sketch book.” I do not take photographs merely to record what a dog looked like at a particular place or time. The photographs are merely the first step in a broader creative process.

An enduring portrait must be more than just a photographic likeness. It should reveal the true essence and beauty of the subject. It should speak to us on many levels – emotional, intellectual and aesthetic. For serious breeders, my portraits also provide a link between generations and highlight the importance of a celebrated lineage.

I derive great pleasure and satisfaction from creating objects of beauty and value. My portraits are significant to the people who commission them, and I hope they are of value to the Dane community as a record of the quiet dignity and unique beauty of our beloved breed.

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