Portrait of a black Great Dane

Great Danes, custom portraits and fine art prints by Ginnie Saunders
Ginnie Saunders
About the Artist
Originally from Rochester, New York, I am a professional artist/designer based in Columbia, South Carolina. I completed my college education in New York and went on to earn my Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of South Carolina where I taught drawing, printmaking and graphic design classes for several years. I also taught art history at Newberry College in Newberry, SC.

A few years after completing my MFA, I became interested in commercial art and went to work at a small advertising agency. A year later I was hired as a graphic designer by a large software company. Eventually I left that firm to accompany my husband on a six month trip around the world while he was on a teaching sabbatical from the University of South Carolina. Most of our time was spent in the Far East.

After returning from our exciting sabbatical I wasn't exactly eager to go back to work for a large company, so I took the plunge and formed my own graphic design business. It turned out to be a good decision. Six years later I was introduced by a client to my first MacIntosh computer – a little Mac Plus which was, at the time, state-of-the art. It was "love at first byte." I began using the computer as my primary studio tool and revenues doubled that year. I was hooked.


By 1996, I'd discovered the power of the internet, learned to write HTML, and added web site development to my resumé. In 1998 I changed my company name from Adcon, Inc. to Ginnie.com, Inc. During the past decade I've specialized in Adobe Photoshop, creating complex photomontage images for both print- and web-based commercial clients. My clients have included NationsBank, BMW, BlueCross BlueShield of SC, PBS, BellSouth, USC School of Medicine and others. In recent years I've developed a keen interest in digital photography and printmaking. I suppose in some ways I am returning to my "fine art" roots. I am moving away from traditional commercial art and focusing more on fine art photography and digital portraiture.

Ginnie Saunders

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