Portrait of a black Great Dane

Great Danes, custom portraits and fine art prints by Ginnie Saunders
Ginnie Saunders

Scheduling a Photo Shoot

All portraits begin with a photography session. The preliminary shooting is usually done by appointment at events such as the annual GDCA National Specialty or other large shows. I am willing to travel for large or group commissions, and I give special rates for “group buys.” Furthermore, if you are within commuting distance to my rural (and scenic) studio in central South Carolina, you are invited to bring your dog(s) over for an exclusive photo session.

I usually shoot 50 to 100 photographs per dog. When possible, the photographs are uploaded to my computer right after the shoot. This enables us to evaluate the photographs together. I can also upload photos to my web server for later review and collaborative evaluation.

After a particular photograph is selected as the basis for a portrait, we’ll discuss retouching options. You can decide whether you want a landscape-based background or a simple backdrop. Scale and proportion are also considered – along with your budget.

If you would like to schedule a photo session, please email me at ginnie@ginnie.com or just give me a call. My studio number is (803) 783-3169. While I am attending the GDCA Nationals or other dog shows, I can be reached by mobile at (803) 730-7824.

Studio Fees
In general, you should expect to pay approximately $500 for a finished portrait on canvas or heavy “William Turner” watercolor paper. I charge $100 for the initial photo session and $225 for portrait development, which is based on a mutually selected photo. Studio services include knocking out original background, retouching the dog, and developing a custom background. Printing onto canvas, 16x20 finished image size (approximate), runs $175. Printing onto William Turner is a little less. Larger sizes are also available.

All canvases, upon completion, are sealed with a protective coating for enhanced ultraviolet durability plus resistance to potential damage from chemicals, water and/or abrasion. Stretching and custom framing are available as add-on services.


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